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Chairman ROSE -Chitral

Chairman Message

السلام علیکم ورحمتہ اللہ وبرکاۃ

With the Name of Almighty, the most Merciful and Beneficial! It is a matter of great pleasure today that the idea of supporting education in Chitral is a clear vision for me and my team members. What started as an idea to support the needy and talented students is now a change factor in the remote district of Chitral. Regional Organization for Supporting Education Chitral aims to provide financial assistance, career counseling, awareness and opportunities of education to the needy and talented youth of Chitral regardless of region, race and religion.
The achievements so far we have embraced are due to the support of the philanthropists, socially responsible institutions within and outside Pakistan, and dedicated team members.


ROSE Chitral
June 19, 2017

80% Scholarship at RIPHAH Islamabad

ROSE Chitral
March 15, 2017

PAC as a Partner

ROSE Chitral
August 15, 2016

Scholarships Opportunities 2016

ROSE Chitral
August 22, 2014

Chitral Scholarship for the 2014

ROSE Chitral
August 27, 2013

Donate Your used Laptop to ROSE

ROSE Chitral
April 22, 2012

Be a volunteer and win a T-Shirt

ROSE Chitral
December 11, 2011

ROSE New Logo Released

ROSE Chitral
June 27, 2011

MoU Signed with DCO Chitral

ROSE Chitral
June 24, 2011

ROSE Logo revealed

ROSE Chitral
June 5, 2011

Lunching Ceremony of ROSE

ROSE Chitral
September 4, 2010

ROSE is now a registered entity

Regional Organization for Supporting Education -Chitral

Rose is a registered not for profit, nonpolitical and nonsectarian organization set up to support education in the remote district of Chitral situated in the very north of Pakistan. ROSE-Chitral started informally in the year 2007-08 providing financial support to the needy and talented students of the region by connecting ideas, people and resources. Today we are a working with a formal set up and have extended our collaboration with different sectors of the community within Pakistan as well as at international level. Our operations have also expanded to different regions within district Chitral with the goals of providing financial support, counseling, information, character building and equitable opportunities of education to the needy and talented students. We believe in sustainable change through education by adding to literacy and awareness in the region. ROSE Chitral helps students by the donations, zakkats and contributions from philanthropists, and by entering into agreements with educational institutions within and outside Pakistan to provide equitable access to education.

ROSE Scholarship Holders

What People Say

How real people said about Regional Organization for Supporting Education (ROSE)

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Naseer Ahmad

Student Muslim College of Science, Peshawar
Scholarship from ROSE-Chitral not only give me a chance to study in high reputed educational institution of the region, it also facilitate me to continue study without fear till the completion of education. This will help me to concentrate on my study. I know this is noble deed that ROSE-Chitral doing and this is my appeal to all that joind hand with ROSE and its team in this journey to enlighten the future.

Farid Ahmed Raza

President, MIER
A Chines language proverb "If your vision for a year, plant wheat, If your vision for ten years, plant trees and If your vision for a life, plant human. ROSE- Chitral's plan for lifetime. I appreciate the organization efforts in education promotion in Chitral.

Muhammad Nayab

CEO, Qashqar
ROSE - Chitral is doing such a great and priceless job, that will help to uplift the nation. I personally feel proud that we, the Chitralies are those people that, always loves with positive things i.e. Peace, Education, Hospitality etc. ROSE is building nation. My moral and ethical support will be ready at any time for the betterment of this organization. May Lord should bright the Chitrali Nation. Insha Allah.

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Atta ur Rehman

Coordinator Student Affairs


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